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E75: Build relationships using content marketing with Simon Thompson

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Show Notes:

Simon Thompson has held content marketing roles for some of the largest digital publishers in Australia, such as MSN, Daily Mail and MTV. In these roles he worked on content projects for major global brands such as L’Oreal, Nissan, BMW, Adidas, Disney, and Mondelez.

These days he runs his own content marketing service, Content Kite, where he helps digital agencies create highly engaging podcast content they can use to share their message and grow their network of clients and partners.

Episode highlights:

  • What happens when you just start cranking out mediocre content.
  • Is the age of blogging disappearing? What Simon has to say…
  • What an agency could gain from launching its own podcast.
  • The benefits of building an ideal customer profile.
  • Best advice: done is better than perfect
  • Personal habit that contributes to success: exercise
  • Internet resource or tool: zoom.us
  • Book recommendation:  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition by Robert Cialdini



  • “It’s a classic case of, the cobbler’s kids have less shoes.”
  • “Don’t just start publishing content….it’s doesn’t work any more.”
  • “No one can copy your voice and how you act on camera.”
  • “For the most part you needs to be writing really good stuff.”


  • Know your content! It’s going to make you comfortable with talking about it. When making content, just pretend that you’re talking to a client.



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