E85: The Formula for Great Storytelling with Sam Robson

Show Notes:

Sam Robson is the CEO, founder, and Chief Marketing Strategist at SamRobsonMarketing.com. He has been around and involved in the health and fitness industries since 2008.

Sam is committed to providing the highest possible level of service, writing, consulting, and marketing expertise to his clients, helping them dramatically increase their revenue from their email marketing program, not only increasing their bottom lines, but also enabling them to reach and impact more people and change more lives.


  • Find out how Sam got his start in screenwriting, and how a major health obstacle changed his path.
  • Find out how Sam dealt with that obstacle, and how he continued to push forward despite a scary diagnosis.
  • Learn two formulas for great storytelling.
  • Best advice ever received: Nothing worthwhile in life is easy.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Mental planning – schedule out time dedicated to certain projects and tasks.
  • Favorite tool: Early to Rise
  • Book recommendations: How Champions Think by Dr. Bob Rotella (“The only true failure is giving up.”) and Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson





  • “They were able to come around and support you.”
  • “I did what I had to do.”
  • “I’m here, so I may as well be productive.”
  • “It enables you to go much further.”



  • Try writing an ISDR story (as found on this episode) about one of your clients to add depth to your marketing.
    • Identity
    • Struggle
    • Discovery
    • Result