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Episode 266

Creating Immersive Marketing Ideas

With Gina Michnowicz

Creating Immersive Marketing Ideas

Gina Michnowicz is CEO and Executive Creative Director of The Craftsman Agency, where she focuses on creating magical moments through custom experiential marketing and immersive storytelling for B2B and B2C brands.

With clients including Cisco, Disney, Paramount, and Microsoft, Gina has led projects from concept to delivery of immersive digital experiences, experiential installations, websites, and bespoke advertising campaigns. 

Episode highlights from Creating Immersive Marketing Ideas

  • What does a 10-foot chocolate train have to do with immersive marketing?
  • What is Gina’s process of creating magical experiences?
  • How Gina came up with an idea that enticed that elusive tech audience.
  • What the pressure is like when signing new clients and coming up with a brilliant new plan.
  • What happens when you create something that’s bad?
  • How about unexpected viral successes?
  • How the news in the world can affect timing.

Lightning Round with Gina Michnowicz

Connect with Gina Michnowicz

Quotes from Gina Michnowicz: 

  • “Being presented with a 10-foot chocolate train? It’s very intimidating for me, I’m not gonna lie.”
  • “The tech audience? They tend to be elusive.”
  • “Is there pressure on you, or is it like, hey let’s sign this client up and hope for the best!”
  • “We need it to be more tried-and-true for the B2B and the tech side.”
  • “You’re only as good as your best idea.”
  • “Hope isn’t a strategy.”
  • “Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and it takes a bold decision to say it’s not how we planned it.”
  • “If you get to version 10, it’s Frankenstein – just give it up.”
  • “When you put something out there, you hope that the timing with the rest of the world (ie, news) is able to absorb it.”

Takeaways from Creating Immersive Marketing Ideas with Gina Michnowicz

  • Think about what people will want to share socially – signs encouraging a share, behind-the-scenes videos, etc.
  • You may not have an SOP for coming up with new ideas.

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Creating Immersive Marketing Ideas with Gina Michnowicz



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