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Episode 267

Build Successful Ad Campaigns in TikTok and Other Social Platforms

With Will Perry

Build Successful Ad Campaigns in TikTok and Other Social Platforms

Will Perry has run over $65M+ in paid social and paid search ads.

He’s obsessed with direct response marketing and is the owner of 3 different businesses: REASON – A DFY Ad Agency for 6 & 7-figure spenders, Future Kontent – A DFY UGC Content agency for Tiktok Advertisers, and Elite Media Buyers Academy – A DWY coaching program that helps agencies get their media buyers to an elite level.

Highlights from Successful Ad Campaigns in TikTok

  • What TikTok is doing for businesses 
  • Should your agency use TikTok?
  • Is it necessary to have a great organic presence to be successful in advertising on TikTok? Will Perry weighs in on what you need
  • How to pull off indirect branding
  • How about producing content—should you put design into it?
  • How one of Will Perry’s businesses helps source creativity and another great place to find it
  • How to do whitelisting work
  • Privacy, overstepping… how are these issues affecting Facebook use?
  • Who is getting phased out because of platform changes? And who will survive?

Lightning Round with Will Perry

Connect with Will Perry

Quotes from Will Perry 

  • “The well is deep. You can go so far down the rabbit hole with paid ads and direct-response marketing.”
  • “TikTok’s not as high-converting as a platform… but you can’t compete with the advertising cost.”
  • “You’ve got to be on the up-and-up. You have to have trending styles in your videos.”
  • “People are on the platform to be entertained.”
  • “No branded content – that’s a no-no.”
  • “The more designed your creative is, the higher your advertising cost.”
  • “Whitelisting is a bigger, branded advertising strategy.”
  • “They have a business problem that is masking itself as an ads problem.”
  • “You’re going to bat with a knife and this is a gunfight.”


  • TikTok may not be for the new advertiser. You need to get going with a lot of content.
  • Problem, solution, objection handling, call to action… the same pieces are still in place.

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Successful Ad Campaigns in TikTok with Will Perry



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