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Episode 301

Maximize Agency Growth With the Power of Alternative Marketing Data

With Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu Before anything else — Valentin is a perseverent experimenter.

He has gone through various jobs, companies, and entrepreneurial ventures before identifying customers’ real needs and defining the perfect go-to-market strategy.

Valentin is the CEO & Founder of Omniconvert. He leverages his industry expertise at Omniconvert — his SaaS company that provides growth solutions to mid-size eCommerce websites looking to become customer-centric. Omniconvert helps eCommerce companies find hidden gems in their data, improve Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Retention & deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels.

Episode highlights from Valentin Radu’s episode

  • What key data points Valentin needed to look at to improve his business
  • What the difference is between a visitor journey and a customer journey
  • How to consider where a potential customer is coming from
  • Where people are making mistakes
  • Think about how you create goals – are you “shooting in the dark”?

Lightning Round with Valentin Radu

  • Best advice: You don’t find what you are looking for because you settle with what you find… (Don’t forget your big vision!)
  • Habit that contributes to success: Journaling, especially for making decisions
  • Recommended tool: Oura ring
  • Recommended book: Demand Side Sales book – by Bob Moesta

Resources, plus connect with Valentin Radu

Quotes from Valentin Radu’s episode

  • “You know what you need to improve in order to fix your business model.”
  • “Stopping the illusion that growth equals paying money to Facebook and Google ads.”
  • “I was wasting my life looking at Google analytics.”
  • “What makes them buy?”
  • “We’re focusing too much on acquiring customers.”
  • “You’re becoming a customer way before going on a specific website.”
  • “Advertising doesn’t equal marketing.”
  • “I thought you shouldn’t limit yourself.”

Takeaways from Valentin Radu’s episode

  • There’s more to data than we may think – consider LTV and acquisition cost
  • What is causing customers to become loyal?
  • Don’t “build a solution in the search for a problem”

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Valentin Radu



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