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Episode 302

Create a Seamless Project Experience

With Kaleb Jae

Kaleb Jae is the owner of a Webflow development team, specializing in servicing passionate designers to scale their website fulfillment and deliver premium custom-built websites for their clients, zippy fast. He has built over 150 websites and is an official Webflow partner. He has two of the most highly rated websites in the Relume showcase.

Episode highlights from Kaleb Jae’s episode

  • Why would an agency start on Webflow?
  • What attracted Kaleb to Webflow
  • How to reduce time for projects
  • The best tools to set up a project for success

Lightning Round with Kaleb Jae

  • Best advice: Track time on everything
  • Habit that contributes to success: Obsession and curiosity
  • Recommended tool:  Loom
  • Recommended book: Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Not exactly a “business” book but it has had a big influence on how Kaleb manages the organization of his business)

Resources, plus connect with Kaleb Jae

Quotes from Kaleb Jae’s episode

  • “How can we make life easier for you?”’
  • “The things that were breaking…it didn’t feel scalable.”
  • “It’s working…just don’t touch it!”
  • “You can just get that feedback.”
  • “We talk about our clients as agency partners.”

Takeaways from Kaleb Jae’s episode

  • Keep scalability in mind when building your agency
  • Use tools and checklists to keep your project in line

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Kaleb Jae

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