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Episode 318

More trust and fewer charts: How to keep clients loving you

Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso is President & Partner at Kick Point and Founder & Lead Instructor at KP Playbook, where she helps people and teams do better marketing. Alongside the team at Kick Point, Dana teaches people and teams how to set goals and track results so that they understand what strategies and tactics bring real value. In addition to speaking at conferences about reporting and analytics, SEO, and brand building, Dana is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM, and she teaches analytics at the University of Alberta.

She has also been a USUMMIT speaker.

Episode highlights from Dana DiTomaso Episode

  • How to start off on the right foot with clients, and keep the magic going
  • Why analytics is a priority when getting started with new clients
  • Why do you need multiple dashboards
  • Why does it matter if users have multiple tabs open
  • What else can you do to help clients?

Lightning Round with Dana DiTomaso

  • Best advice: You should see if you have ADHD if you think it’s possible
  • Habit that contributes to success: Dana likes to write everything down and now has years of books to reference
  • Recommended tool: AskAManager
  • Recommended books: Getting Things Done by David Allen, Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

Resources, plus connect with Dana DiTomaso

Quotes from Dana DiTomaso Episode

  • “Even just asking that question…. can really make a big difference.”
  • “It’s that little bit of trust.”
  • “Most people don’t like tables–we are weird.”
  • “They just want to know, ‘am I making money with you?’”
  • “Could they even see the thing that made them convert?”
  • “We’re just delivering the news!”
  • “Can we run a facebook campaign to help you get employees?”

Takeaways from Dana DiTomaso episode

  • Make sure you communicate your value to your client in a way that makes sense to them
  • Set up tracking early with new clients
  • Have two dashboards: one for you and one for the clients

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Dana DiTomaso



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