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Episode 319

The Marchitect’s Blueprint: Leading as a Fractional CMO and Building Future-Ready Marketing Teams

Russell Lundstrom

Russell Lundstrom – Chief Marchitect ★ 

Russell is a born and bred entrepreneur, having started multiple 7-figure businesses and helping hundreds of other businesses repeat that success. He is now on a mission to simplify the world of marketing.

Passionate that entrepreneurs are the mind, heart, and engine of the world, he is driven to improve the world through better business.

Episode highlights from Russell Lundstrom episode

  • What marchitect means and why it’s important (and part of the future if Russell has his say)
  • What the biggest problem is that Russell sees and why that matters to agencies
  • What it means to position as a fractional CMO – how is it different from a marketing contractor?
  • What you need to be a fractional CMO vs. a marketing contractor
  • What you need to build a full marketing team that can scale

Lightning Round with Russell Lundstrom

Resources, plus connect with Russell Lundstrom

Quotes from Russell Lundstrom Episode

  • “There’s no reason to be best friends with your customers.”
  • “I didn’t know I was getting fired.”
  • “You know what people don’t do? They don’t order a second website.”
  • “I had to bet on myself instead of betting on a company.”
  • “In one week, a $600,000 business…gone.”

Takeaways from Russell Lundstrom episode

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Russell Lundstrom



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