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Episode 320

From “Period of Suck” to Running a Successful Agency

Sean Tambagahan

Sean Tambagahan is the founder/CEO of Butler Branding – a full-service creative agency in Central California. They also teach the business of branding to creative entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business.

Episode highlights from Sean Tambagahan episode

  • How Sean’s agency is getting clients
  • How Sean increased his rates
  • What they learned the hard way
  • What they looked for in (successfully!) hiring the right project manager
  • How Sean views the generalist vs. specialist 
  • What’s the next move?
  • What the problem was with being so busy
  • How EOS has helped

Lightning Round with Sean Tambagahan

Resources, plus connect with Sean Tambagahan

Quotes from Sean Tambagahan Episode

  • “It’s either the process doesn’t work or we’re not working the process.”
  • “It was for sure something we had discovered.”
  • “It’s more about the brands that are doing great work.”
  • “Should I do this full-time? And everything else is just history from there.”
  • “That period of suck in the first few years.”
  • “Where’s the white-glove treatment at?”
  • “So many agency owners are better CEOs than I am.”

Takeaways from Sean Tambagahan episode

  • What would your job look like if it focused on your skills and passions?
  • Don’t let your own marketing go by the wayside! Sean’s agency has a marketing person who focuses on the business

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Sean Tambagahan



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