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Episode 321

Brilliant Methods of Diversifying Your Agency’s Income Streams

Greg Hickman

Greg Hickmanis the Founder and CEO of AltAgency™, one of the top training and consulting companies for digital agencies looking to grow and scale by packaging their expertise, installing systems for growth, and leveraging automation to save time and divorce their time from their income. They’ve helped over 600+ agency owners transition from time-for-money services to selling their knowledge and expertise.

Episode highlights from Greg Hickman’s episode

  • How Greg’s business has changed since the last interview
  • What to consider in looking at revenue share options
  • What it means to change from a traditional agency to coaching others
  • How to use internal processes or products as an income stream
  • What often happens when agency owners decide to start coaching
  • What the steps are to go from a productized service to a program
  • What the difference is between productized services and programs

Lightning Round with Greg Hickman

  • Best advice: Fall in love with your ideal client’s problem, not your solution
  • Habit that contributes to success: Reading
  • Recommended tool: Notion
  • Recommended books: Wanting by Luke Burgis

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Quotes from Greg Hickman Episode

  • “There are people who would happily pay you for just the strategy.”
  • “What we know as a traditional agency…those lines have become blurrier by the day.”
  • “We shouldn’t look at it as, oh you’re no longer this, you’re no longer that.”
  • “Why wouldn’t I do that? It’s in the best interest of all of us.”
  • “Spreadsheet, calculator, a marketing calendar that’s really robust…”
  • “They think all their problems are going to be solved by selling a course.”
  • “A majority of the time I think that’s a horrible move.”

Takeaways from Greg Hickman episode

  • Consider the three levels: clients, members, and customers in your revenue stream.
  • Agency owners: why are you considering starting a coaching program? Please realize you’ll be building another challenging business.
  • CAUTION: Just because you see a certain tactic, doesn’t mean copying it is a good idea.

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Greg Hickman



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