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Episode 264

When PR Meets Affiliate Marketing

With Kaila O’Connor

When PR Meets Affiliate Marketing with Kaila O’Connor

After a decade-long PR career filled with panic attacks, burnout, and low worth, Kaila O’Connor stumbled across something that changed her life immediately: affiliate marketing.

Kaila quickly became a self-taught pioneer in this new age of Affiliate PR.

With a Rolodex of key editor relationships and intuitive decision-making guided by her Human Design chart, Kaila’s proven ability to generate high-revenue media coverage has disrupted the PR industry and its “always on the grind” mentality.

Episode highlights from PR Meets Affiliate Marketing

  • When the affiliate PR “light switch” went on
  • What Kaila does for businesses
  • What Sonic the Hedgehog has to do with current PR
  • Is everything we read going to have an affiliate deal behind it now?
  • The difference between paid marketing and what Kaila does
  • Two things editors need to know when considering a mention
  • What the reaction is in the PR world to integrating trackable affiliate links

Lightening Round with Kaila O’Connor

  • Best advice: You are only as good of a boss/mentor/friend/sister as you are a caretaker to yourself.
  • The habit that contributes to success: Not looking outside of myself for answers.
  • Recommended tools: Slack and Voxer.
  • Recommended book: The Emotional Entrepreneur by Scout Sobel.

Connect with Kaila O’Connor

Quotes from Kaila O’Connor

  • “I was ready to quit PR, 30k in debt, and I took this job without even knowing what affiliate marketing was.”
  • “They were telling me why affiliate links were so important to editors.”
  • “Thousands of dollars were driven from that one article.”
  • “It’s always the reader’s interest first.”
  • If they don’t resonate with the readers, they’re not going to make money.”
  • “It’s very heavy in metrics and numbers.”

Key Takeaways

  • You need a value proposition before an editor will consider mentioning it.
  • Share the “why” as well as how they can make money.
  • Kaila is seeing 70% of sales from an article are new customers.
  • Get cozy with the numbers and with talking numbers with clients.

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