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Episode 263

Bring In These Unique Angles For Better PR Marketing

with Mickie Kennedy

Mickie Kennedy started eReleases over 23 years ago to help small businesses increase their visibility through better press release marketing. He lives in the Baltimore area. 

eReleases represent about a third of businesses or pitches that go on Shark Tank. 

Episode Highlights From Unique Angles For Better Press Release Marketing

  • What brought Mickie into the press release niche.
  • How Mickie launched a new business with 10,000 journalists in his database.
  • Are you strategic with your press releases? Here’s how to rethink it and see more success with it.
  • How to get a large audience for surveys—without your own big database.
  • The difference an article about your business can make for your bottom line.
  • What News Jacking means, and how you should approach it to get plugged into more stories. (Note: there is a “typical” way and a “better” way!)
  • Is “any press good press”? Better rethink the old saying—here’s why.
  • How to tie current issues to your business the right way, and not get lost in the masses jumping in. Think, how to niche it.
  • What happened several years ago when Brent wrote an article with a negative title about WordPress.
  • The surprising thing that Mickie learned about welcome kits and the LTV of customers due to testing.
  • How Mickie’s team came up with a successful angle for an account (they were definitely not a news-worthy business!).

Mickie Kennedy‘s Lightning Round

Connect with Mickie Kennedy

Musings From Mickie Kennedy

  • “The producers recommended you guys!” 
  • “I think email is the natural progression here – fax is dying.”
  • “The real problem with press releases and the reason a lot of them don’t work is because people aren’t being strategic with them.”
  • “When people read an article, they want to do business with that company. Their defenses are down.”
  • “You don’t control it the way you do with advertising, but the benefit is so much more.”
  • “Be the one person saying, ‘Not so fast!’”
  • “Be willing to be the crazy uncle!”
  • “The rational context is the key. It’s like most small businesses have no idea what responsive marketing is.”

Key Takeaways From Unique Angles For Better PR Marketing

  • Think about what’s important to the audience rather than important to your business in what you release.
  • Think about what you can do to make something so engaging that a journalist would want to share with their audience.
  • Not so fast! Mickie teaches us how to tie being contrarian into your business in the right way. Remember, it can cause you harm.
  • Always test everything. Split tests, surveys. Don’t assume anecdotes equal general consensus! 

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