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Episode 294

Pricing Packages, Strategic Partnerships, and an Abundant Mindset

With Blair Enns and David C. Baker

Blair Enns and David C. Baker are highly successful entrepreneurs, authors, and hosts of the podcast, 2 Bobs.

Episode highlights with Blair Enns and David C. Baker

  • Hundred-dollar bills? What happened when Blair and David made fake episodes
  • On writing a book with the efficiency that gets to the point for readers
  • A preview of what’s going on in Blair and David’s tell-all – “The Book”
  • How it played out to sell a book at a higher price
  • How Blair’s book sold when offered at three price tiers
  • At the start and continued growth of Blair and David’s partnership

Lightning Round with Blair Enns and David C. Baker

Connect with Blair Enns and David C. Baker, plus resources

Quotes from Blair Enns and David C. Baker’s episode

  • “You would think you’re the happiest when someone takes the most expensive one…”
  • “There’s no intentionality. That’s a different podcast.”
  • “Two of them have been fake.”
  • “I’m so impatient that it translates to efficient writing. It’s not a gift.”
  • “I don’t think there’s a higher ROI topic for our audience than pricing.”
  • “You got bought. Nobody ever asks us.”

Takeaways from Blair Enns and David C. Baker’s episode

  • The most frequently purchased price point should be the middle price
  • Pitch the package that you want to deliver
  • Think “creatively and expansively” in creating package options

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