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Episode 295

How You Can Get Amazing Reach

With Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO, and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love. He currently serves as the chairman of the board for the SPJA, and as an advisor to Saleshood.

He has many awards, and many fans, and is a leader in this industry.

Episode highlights with Chris Do

  • How Chris Do’s success has been reached
  • What happened when Chris brought his wife to a class he taught…it’s not what you’d expect!
  • How it felt to shift from teaching in the classroom to a large, online audience
  • How Chris gets amazing reach with specific steps
  • Why your content doesn’t connect with people

Lightning Round with Chris Do

Connect with Chris Do, plus resources

Quotes from Chris Do’s episode

  • “What’s one tweak I can make to this to make it a little bit better?”
  • “If this is your intention…if you really want it, you can do it.”
  • “It got really tense in the car.”
  • “I feel it’s a shame you’re only reaching a few people at a time.”
  • “Am I really that good that you think this is a setup?!”
  • “Just shame them to death!”
  • “I’m not gonna be a deer in headlights.”
  • “All these years of being silent? I have something to say.”

Takeaways from Chris Do’s episode

  • Introverted? You can still make it!
  • Does something bother you? It means that there’s a truth you need to recognize but don’t want to face
  • You’ve gotta put in your time on the mat
  • A great piece of content is made by stirring people’s emotions

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Chris Do



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