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Episode 296

From Passion Project To Strategic Podcasting

With Stephen Woessner

Stephen Woessner – For over 25 years, Stephen Woessner has been in the trenches working alongside and consulting with hundreds of clients — teaching them how to plant their flag of authority within the markets they serve, grow their audience, fill their sales pipeline with the right-fit prospects, and ultimately — drive revenue.

Woessner founded Predictive ROI in 2009 and remains its CEO and owner. He’s the host of the Sell with Authority podcast and his marketing insights have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, The Washington Post, and other media. He’s the bestselling author of five books including his latest entitled, Sell With Authority, which he co-authored with Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute.

Episode highlights with Stephen Woessner

  • How selling with authority has helped Stephen’s trajectory
  • What happened when Drew McLellan called Stephen a one-trick pony
  • How Stephen has continued to create helpful content
  • How their revenue breaks down, including done-for-you work and taught programs
  • How Stephen walks through podcasts with his clients, getting away from just having a passion project
  • On value ladders

Lightning Round with Stephen Woessner

Connect with Stephen Woessner, plus resources

Quotes from Stephen Woessner’s episode

  • “That’s typically where the misalignment happens, right from the get-go.”
  • “There are tradeoffs to being a one-trick pony.”
  • “It’s like eating my vegetables or something.”
  • “Planning out 50 episodes…I think my team would really appreciate that!”
  • “Either way, it’s a litmus test. And it’s a good one.”

Takeaways from Stephen Woessner’s episode

  • Make content that’s helpful to attract an audience
  • “It’s a beautiful thing when what your audience wants to learn aligns with what you want to learn”

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