[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 299

Transitioning from Freelance Work to a Happy, Women-Powered Agency

With Meg Casebolt

Meg Casebolt is the founder of Love At First Search and host of the Social Slowdown podcast. Meg loves to help businesses spend less time trying to hack the algorithms and instead create SEO content that attracts your ideal audience to your website while helping entrepreneurs cut their dependency on social media for their business visibility.

Episode highlights with Meg Casebolt

  • Why do business owners need to consider getting off social media?
  • What’s Love at First Search all about?
  • On attracting similar people – both customers and team
  • How has AI changed things?
  • What makes us greater than the robots
  • Why and how Meg went from freelancing to an agency

Lightning Round with Meg Casebolt

Connect with Meg Casebolt, plus resources

Quotes from Meg Casebolt’s episode

  • “By the time people find me they’re usually pretty fed up with it.”
  • “Peers…not prospects.”
  • “Like attracts like, we’re like magnets.”
  • “I bet your Slack channel gets kinda fun.”
  • “Is it standing out as more content or is it producing more content?”
  • “Sometimes it’s better to go for the most relevant – or the most urgent.”
  • “Here’s how we scale back.”
  • “You don’t want your business to get shin splints.”

Takeaways from Meg Casebolt’s episode

  • Rather than thinking, I need a million followers, try thinking about something like, I need to make a million dollars
  • Surprise! Niching will really make you stand out
  • Lean into down times in the business calendar cycle

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Meg Casebolt

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