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With Matt Walde

Secrets of Inbound Marketing for B2B Technology and SaaS

Episode 298

Matt Walde runs an inbound marketing agency called Brightlark. He focuses on B2B SaaS companies and tech. They’re often challenged when it comes to growing and scaling their businesses. With Inbound marketing solutions from Brightlark, clients predictably attract, engage, and retain more of the right clients. Their clients see more leads, more customers, and a higher lifetime value from their user base. They’ve been in business for over 16 years, and have helped over 400 companies grow online. They’re a HubSpot-certified agency and a Google Premier Partner.

He’s also a UGURUS Elite member.

Episode highlights with Matt Walde

  • What’s so attractive about working inbound?
  • A quick way to get a stack of blog post ideas
  • What separates the weak CTAs from the strong CTAs
  • How to build up a nurture campaign
  • How things have changed over the years and what’s working now

Lightning Round with Matt Walde

Connect with Matt Walde, plus resources

Quotes from Matt Walde’s episode

  • “Don’t just let it sit on your blog and kind of fester.”
  • “It went beyond. It was transformational.”
  • “They have all this stuff and they think they need more.”
  • “You don’t want to have 4-6 emails that say, ‘We’re still here!’”
  • “There are things you can do to prove your self-worth.”
  • “It just works. It doesn’t need to change much.”
  • “Sometimes it takes a few passes.”

Takeaways from Matt Walde’s episode

  • What do you have lying around that could be repurposed?
  • Include a transitional CTA, high value, that someone is willing to give up info for
  • Include social proof and testimonials

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Matt Walde



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