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Episode 287

AI and ChatGPT Roundtable

With Marc Gutman, Jarrod Harmon, and Liam Higgins

Marc Gutman is the founder and owner of Wild Story. They’re a brand strategy agency and they also do delivery and copywriting. He’s a brand strategy wizard, storytelling sorcerer, and business-building ninja. Today he’s here to spill the beans on his secret weapon: Chat GPT. (By the way – this intro was written by ChatGPT) 

Jarrod Harmon runs a company in Western Australia. They help business owners to generate leads, inquiries, and, most importantly, bookings to help them grow their businesses.

Liam Higgins is a small digital agency owner. They serve businesses in Sydney.

Episode highlights with Marc Gutman, Jarrod Harmon, and Liam Higgins

  • How it’s looking right now: comparing AI to writers
  • Is AI replacing the end result?
  • How digital agencies are using AI right now, and with what frequency
  • How asking something can give you a varied response
  • Is it going to be a real game-changer?
  • How to use ChatGPT for headlines and writing prompts
  • What’s next for AI
  • Is it a threat to digital agencies?

Tools recommendations with Marc Gutman, Jarrod Harmon, and Liam Higgins

  • DALL-E – we made our image for this week with a “3D render of four robots talking into a mic”
  • More tools coming soon!

Quotes from Marc Gutman, Jarrod Harmon, and Liam Higgins’s episode

  • “By the way, this was all written by Chat GPT.”
  • “At this stage, I don’t think ChatGPT is going to replace a really great writer.”
  • “You say it slightly differently, it will give you something completely different.”
  • “I think it’s a positive thing at this stage.”
  • “It’s been really great at fixing up stalled tasks.”
  • “Are you smart for using the tool?”
  • “It changes it…it moves it, it modernizes the medium.”
  • “This is going to explode in a way that I don’t think we’re ready for.”
  • “We’re entrepreneurs for a reason.”

Takeaways from Marc Gutman, Jarrod Harmon, and Liam Higgins’s episode

  • Try using AI to generate ideas
  • Play around with everything from small, insignificant prompts for social to writing a whole client brief

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