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Episode 288

How To Program Your Brain and Change Your Life

with Townsend Wardlaw

Townsend Wardlaw has been a long-time friend and mentor to Brent and has helped him create and accelerate multiple 7-figure businesses. 

Townsend is hired by founders to coach them through the $2M to $10M “Death Zone.” He’s seen more than $1B in revenue growth and $500M in exit wealth.

Episode highlights with Townsend Wardlaw

  • What’s your perfect day? And how that question is a starting point for the creation
  • How Townsend went from a business consultant to something bigger
  • Where our outcomes and results come from
  • What happens when your brain starts making chocolate chip cookies
  • On “shifting being”, or working on the machine

Connect with Townsend Wardlaw, plus resources

Quotes from Townsend Wardlaw’s episode

  • “We went a different direction after that conversation with Townsend.”
  • “Infinite creators… there’s no limit.”
  • “We are the result of our own creations.”
  • “What’s the next thing… that you go, ‘that’s not up to me?’”
  • “What are those limiting beliefs?”
  • “Maybe I should go talk to the machine.”

Takeaways from Townsend Wardlaw’s episode

  • Think about what’s not up to you. What if it was? How can you get there?
  • Consider your calendar. It’s all made up and up to your discretion!

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Townsend Wardlaw



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