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Episode 289

Man vs Machine: The Future of AI and Copywriting

With Aaron Wrixon

WRIXON founder Aaron Wrixon has been paid for writing well over 8 million words. That’s the equivalent of 13 copies of War and Peace.

Aaron has written for more than 150 different industries across the English-speaking world and is a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

He lives in Canada with his wife and two daughters.

Do you have a SaaS company that could use some brilliant copywriting? Hit him up for some help!

Episode highlights with Aaron Wrixon

  • Should AI write important pages on your website? Just turn to AI-generated pickup lines to find out
  • What is Google considering when it comes to AI-generated content?
  • Are we safe? How Tesla technology relates to AI copy and that human touch
  • What does Aaron use AI for?
  • How a mysterious metaphor works to describe AI’s place vs copywriters

Lightning Round with Aaron Wrixon

Connect with Aaron Wrixon, plus resources

Quotes from Aaron Wrixon’s episode

  • “Where does this go, how does this sift out in the next 18 months?”
  • “What’s missing? The piece that humans do.”
  • “Maybe it’s the C-player copywriter that gets cut.”
  • “You and I both know that positions you as a commodity at the bottom of the barrel.”
  • “It’s like a master chef vs a microwave dinner.”
  • “There’s a chunk of people that see no difference.”
  • “Let’s talk about Clubhouse!”

Takeaways from Aaron Wrixon’s episode

  • There’s a human element that generative text can’t feel and understand. It cannot make facts, or write “the benefits of the benefits”.
  • Tire shop? Different needs can allow AI to create different levels of writing quality.

Are you a highrise building? ‘Cause I’m head over heels for you!

And please enjoy an AI-generated image of Aaron Wrixon’s fave actor as Ronald McDonald:

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