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Episode 286

Niching Down and Scaling Up to a 7-Figure Agency

With Chuck Peters

Chuck Peters is the father of twins +1, married for 15 years, entrepreneur, CEO, and salesman. Chuck 3X’d his agency’s revenue in 2022, breaking through a revenue ceiling that had been taunting him for years, and growing his team to over 20 people in the process. He niched down, scaled up, and is now a 7-figure agency. He’s worked with UGURUS for a couple of years.

Episode highlights with Chuck Peters

  • What the business looked like a couple of years ago vs. now
  • How Chuck grew his team to 20 people
  • What happened when Chuck learned a new hiring process
  • What the unfair advantages are when you niche down
  • How Chuck broke the ice in a nerve-wracking presentation 
  • What gives Chuck the best response in speaking engagements

Lightning Round with Chuck Peters

Connect with Chuck Peters, plus resources

Quotes from Niching Down and Scaling Up

  • “What if I learn everything in the first 30 days?” – “You won’t.”
  • “It’s not gonna be worth it if you don’t do it.”
  • “We’re number three on that checklist!”
  • “We lived off 3 or 4 people for 10 years.”
  • “I actually wanted to hire someone, even though I didn’t think I needed anyone.”
  • “You put her on the phone with a real estate agent, and that’s immediate credibility.”
  • “You’re competing with an agency that already knows what the client wants.”
  • “We didn’t start this year on that list.”
  • “They sign up in droves, man.”
  • “I had to work for it!”
  • “I get the biggest response… when I’m the most authentic and I take a few minutes to communicate encouragement.”
  • “Their goals are my goals.”


  • Follow a good plan to niche down! When you’re established as the authority, your niche will want to work with you and your agency can grow.
  • Even if you’re not the most knowledgeable person in the room for your industry (design, paid ads, etc), if you bring what you know to a niched group like real estate, they’ll be blown away by what you can teach them.

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