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Episode 279

How Your Agency Can Win at Outbound Sales

With Barry Moroney

Barry Moroney is the founder and CEO of Leadable, an outsourced sales development agency focused on helping SMEs get Enterprise clients.

Having previously led sales and marketing teams for several international brands, Barry started Leadable to allow agencies to run highly personalized outbound sales campaigns at scale without the prohibitive cost associated with building an outbound function.

Episode highlights with Barry Moroney

  • What’s up with “interrupting patterns”? What does that mean for agencies?
  • How smaller clients differ from those big, 6-figure clients
  • What you need to be successful in outbound
  • How Barry’s team “proves themselves” before working with a client
  • What the key values are in research 
  • What helps with tech execution
  • What matters when you’re interrupting someone’s day with a phone call

Lightning Round with Barry Moroney

  • Best advice: Prospect when the going is good – never let up on outbound and keep the pipeline full
  • Habit that contributes to success: Ability to make quick decisions and take actions
  • Recommended tools: Asana, Slack, Notion, Zoom info
  • Recommended book: Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

Connect with Barry Moroney, plus resources

Quotes from Barry Moroney’s episode

  • “It’s like a battle of wills.”
  • “Interrupt patterns – that sounds like a fancy way of saying you’re bothering people.”
  • “Outbound isn’t something you can just dip your toe in.”
  • “We prove it to them in an unsolicited manner.”
  • “Make them feel like they aren’t on a list.”

Takeaways from Barry Moroney’s episode

  • The biggest factor? You need to WANT it!
  • Dipping your toe isn’t going to get you real results.
  • Relevance and personalization are essential. 

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Barry Moroney



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