[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Episode 278

Managing Clients with 100 Million+ Budgets

With Mary Ann Pruitt

Mary Ann Pruitt is the founder and owner of Mosaic Media Agency, which has over 40 team members. They offer media buying among other services and work with budgets from a few thousand dollars to over 100 million. 

Episode highlights with Mary Ann Pruitt

  • Big, small… What do all clients need?
  • How clients change, and what an agency needs to do 
  • What “buckets” exist within media, and what considerations they require
  • How Covid changed media consumption
  • What is OTT, and what does that mean for buying?
  • How focused should agencies get to find success?
  • Which *big things* really helped Mary Ann grow
  • What surprising thing happens when you get that first huge client

Lightning Round with Mary Ann Pruitt

  • Best advice: Always be true to yourself and know your limits and values
  • Habit that contributes to success: Routine and block scheduling
  • Recommended tools: Reading apps, and Calm
  • Recommended books: Never Eat Alone and Radical Candor

Connect with Mary Ann Pruitt, plus resources

Quotes from Mary Ann Pruitt’s episode

  • “Make sure you have the team to support it.”
  • “You have to be looking at strategy no matter what the budget may be.”
  • “You have to scale, there’s no question that you have to be prepared for that.”
  • “They think nobody has budgets.”
  • “I’ll retire over here, but I don’t want to be done.
  • “The more niched you get, the better.”
  • “Busy does not mean you’re productive, but productivity is what you should shoot for.”


  • No matter what the budget may be, keep an eye on the goals you are trying to achieve.
  • There are many generations still working, and we shouldn’t target them all the same.
  • Rather than doing everything, find partners that specialize in whatever you aren’t covering.

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Mary Ann Pruitt



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