[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Episode 259

Hire Remote Team Members

With Noel Andrews

Noel Andrews bought JobRack in 2018 after 10 years of building and leading large teams in the corporate tech world. Since then, he has increased revenue by 4,000x and helped businesses all over the world hire more than 1,000 remote team members from Eastern Europe.

Hire Remote Team Members with Noel Andrews

Episode Highlights:



  • “One of the key things that catapulted my business was the last 18 months, switching from a ‘money while you sleep’ job board, which works for a lot of people, into an agency business, which is not ‘money while you sleep.’ Where there’s a hard problem to solve, that’s a lot more rewarding.” [3:32]
  • “The best candidates are not hanging out on job boards just waiting for you to put your job post up and for them to be thrilled to apply for the role. There’s a lot more active headhunting, sourcing, and scouring the world to find these people. The average business owner or agency owner can’t do that themselves.” [5:28]
  • “It’s important to hire someone not just for right now, but for six, twelve months into the future. What are your needs going to be in the future so that we make sure you’re hiring someone you’re not going to outgrow straight away. We take a very long-term view in hiring team members who will be part of the growth of your business and help you succeed.” [9:21]
  • “Eastern Europe has incredibly reliable infrastructure. There are no power issues, no internet issues, and that is part of the appeal and why a lot of people come to us to hire.” [19:18]


  • Hire remote team members before you need to
  • Hire for the future
  • Recognize and remove anything that leads to self-sabotage
  • Surround yourself (physically or virtually) with the right people

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