[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 258

Running a Remote Agency

With Andrew Lee Miller

Andrew Lee Miller is the founder of AndrewStartups, which is a 15+ year early-stage startup marketing company that has driven over $400 million in startup exits.

He’s the founder of GrowthExpertz, an award-winning SF-based startup marketing agency, and the author of The Startup Growth book.

He teaches startup teams the growth hacking mindset, zero-dollar growth hacking strategies, and how to NOT fail as an early-stage startup.

Episode highlights:



  • “GrowthExpertz was formed to help this problem that I was seeing myself with a lot of companies that my friends were having, with VCs that I saw, with clients that I was freelancing for…the best startups are born out of your own problems and problems that you see.”
  • “A lot of people are lied to and told that the product is going to market itself, but you still need some ground swell. You need to do something to create that word of mouth.”
  • “Now people understand that it’s all results-oriented. It saves you money in the beginning not working with an agency that’s all pomp and huge offices and stuff. We’re really focused on driving results and that doesn’t necessarily mean a 24/7 grind if you’re efficient and effective and know what you’re doing.”
  • “If you’ve got a marketing agency, short term you need to go out and build leads. Long term, you’ve got to find your niche. The more niche you go with an agency the more valuable I think you can be.”


  • Focus on what you love to do
  • Never kill yourself for clients
  • Align your passions with your work
  • Don’t focus only on the money

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