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Episode 257

UX Design

With Aiden Foster

Aidan Foster is a UX Designer and Front-End Web Architect.

He is the owner of Foster Interactive, which is a web design agency in Toronto, Canada.

Aidan describes himself as being obsessive about processes (in a good way) and uses tools and processes to improve the quality of both a website’s design & code, all while maintaining a careful balance between the needs of stakeholders and a site’s end-user audience.

He is actively involved in the open-source community, the president of the local non-profit Drupal Toronto organization, and vice president of Drupal North, which hosts Canada’s largest annual Drupal Conference.

Episode highlights:



  • “UX design is when you identify the needs of your audience and you identify the needs of your organization and you systematically find the overlap where there is some boundary between those two things. That is where people can solve their problems with your solution.”
  • “We become an end-user advocate and bring that advocacy for end users to the table and remind folks of what our market research shows what people actually need.”
  • “When you know you’re going to be doing a website upgrade within the next year… start organizing the feedback that comes in.”
  • “Doing something quick and simple is so much better and it’s like insurance on not building the website that people don’t use.”


  • Be an advocate for the end-user experience
  • Quick and simple is better than building a website that people don’t use
  • Consider the UX in your website design

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