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Episode 277

Top 12 Things Your VA Can Do

With Jen Buzza

Jennifer Buzza is the founder of Web Clio and the UGURUS lead mentor. She keeps our whole team in line and focuses on delivering amazing value to our many members. She’s had a huge impact on thousands of agency owners all over the world through our programs and through her own business and entrepreneurial practice.

Episode highlights with Jen Buzza

  • What you can expect to pay a VA
  • The top 12 (see below=website) / (see link to ugurus.com/episode page=on email)
  • How to use a zoom call to delegate (and create an SOP!)
  • How to get started with a VA
  • What to do with that pile of business cards from an event
  • How to start with emails, and where to go later
  • What to do with data like testimonials

Connect with Jen Buzza, plus resources

Quotes from Jen Buzza’s episode

  • “I call it, with a lot of love, ‘Automation with Humans’.”
  • “They can be the person who knows the answers to the top 20 questions.”
  • “We are always building SOPs.”
  • “They bring it to you in a batch.”
  • “The money’s in the follow-up.”
  • “If you don’t follow up on those 400 business cars… do you have time?”
  • “I’m probably a control freak.”
  • “More of that brilliance, less of the emails.”


  • Presenting…

Jen’s Top 12 Virtual Assistant Tasks
*Things to Delegate First*
(Plus 4 Tips!)

  1. Scheduling & Calendar Management
  2. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Creation
  3. Prospect/Market Research/Social Listening
  4. Customer Support/Reply (Email, Chat, Message, Tickets)
  5. Blog Posting, Social Media Posting, and Monitoring
  6. Event and Travel Planning/Management (Sending Invites, Follow-up, General Organization)
  7. Website Edits
  8. Email/Slack Management (Filtering, Assigning, Answering, Marketing) 
  9. Todo list/Task Management/File Storage (assignment and follow-up)
  10. CRM Management
  11. Data Collection, Database Building
  12. Preparing Client Reports/Documents

TIP #1

No one person can do all the VA tasks you have! 

TIP #2

Have your new VA watch you do the task in a recorded session. Then ask them to create the checklist (or SOP) for that task from the video. Then decide which steps you absolutely need to do and ask your VA if they can do the rest.

TIP #3

If your VA will work with you live (which is 100% part of the magic), aim for them to be located no more than 4-5 hours out of your time zone. It will be better for everyone if you are both awake at the same time and if the sun is out for both of you!

TIP #4

This is all about SCALING YOU! 

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Jen Buzza



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