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Episode 276

Let Go of the Vine and Support a Successful Team

With Marama Carmichael

Marama Carmichael is the founder of an award-winning marketing and brand agency, Oracle Tree, and she’s also the author of Amazon best-seller, Fixing Frankenstein: How to Take the Monster Out of Running Your Small Business.

Oracle Tree helps SMBs to fix their “Frankenstein”, also known as grow and scale.

She’s been a mentor with UGURUS since almost the beginning and has helped around 300 agencies change their business through our program.

Episode highlights with Marama Carmichael

  • How Marama’s agency has evolved in the last couple years
  • How to successfully hand off clients to a team
  • Who all benefits when you “let go of the vine”
  • What does it mean to “fix Frankenstein”?
  • Was writing a book worth it in the end?
  • What is the path like in putting a book together?

Lightning Round with Marama Carmichael

Connect with Marama Carmichael, plus resources

Quotes from Marama Carmichael’s episode

  • “We’ve been doing this for years. We’ll show you how!”
  • “We forget, as leaders, that we have to be given permission to lead. The other alpha in the room needs to leave.”
  • “Just because someone isn’t going to do it the exact way you would do it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t an equally valid way.”
  • “That was probably the best thing I ever did.”
  • “I’m a better system creator than system follower.”
  • “By week seven, the train isn’t running anymore.”
  • “I just kept breaking out of the box, until it wasn’t in a box anymore.”


  1. Marama’s agency starts clients with strategy and what is working/not working. From there, her team takes over and makes everything happen.
  2. Letting go is helpful to many people for many reasons.

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Marama Carmichael on The Digital Agency Show



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