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E47: How to build your virtual agency culture so you can travel the world with Marama Carmichael

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Show Notes:

Marama owns eSense Web Design, an Australian virtual agency that works across all industries. She has over 20 years of business experience, and has spent extensive time mentoring, including for UGURUS Bootcamp. In this episode we discuss how she’s built a successful agency that fits HER lifestyle.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

  •   How watching her home burn down spurred Marama to rebuild her life the way she really wanted.
  •   What drove her to start her all-virtual agency, including team members and freelancers in Europe, India, Philippines, and Australia.
  •   How to grow a team culture when you all work remotely.
  •   The secret to building connection with virtual workers. (Hint: not everything needs to be work-related.)
  •   The “redundant” practice Marama credits with giving her company stability and flexibility.
  •   Why you don’t actually need a cool workspace, a foosball table, or beer in the fridge to be a “legitimate” agency.
  •   Best advice: You can do anything you put your mind to.
  •   Best personal habit that contributes to success: Tenacity, and openness to intuition and feedback.
  •   Online tool or resource: Teamwork and Google apps
  •    Book recommendation: Drive by Daniel Pink







    •   “I’m a mentor by nature.”
    •   “It’s profitable, it’s remote, it’s virtual and that’s so I can travel like I want to.”
    •   “Basically it’s getting the right people in the right seats and then getting out of the way.”
    •   “Your first or next hire doesn’t need to be a 40-hour-a-week person… …you don’t have to wait to start bringing in help.”
    •   “You’re almost working on a 24-hour cycle without anyone working outside of normal business hours.”
    •   “Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are control freaks.”
    •    “Business support your life or life support your business?”




  • Spend an hour with a blank sheet of paper: what do you want out of your business?
  • Now, work backwards: how do you get there?




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