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E48: How to end a partnership and rebuild your dream business with David Valentine

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Show Notes:

David is a poet, prophet, teacher and 10K Bootcamp grad. He helps businesses thrive by transforming their social media. When his relationship with his business partner started to fall apart, he made some major changes in his agency. He also found valuable insight from a mentor, who guided him to embrace his outrageousness—and significantly increase his revenue.


Episode highlights:

  • What David learned from his mistakes after he and his business partner went their separate ways.
  • How a mentor helped him see the light regarding his partnership and his business structure.
  • What it was about conversations with clients that helped David decide to pivot.
  • How he took his business from 90% project-based to 96% monthly recurring revenue—not to mention greater results and happier clients.
  • How to do business with friends, according to David.
  • Why looking at his situation from a 30,000 foot view was what David needed to transform the agency.
  • What David did to connect with clients and improve his business.
  • Best advice: Rip it – just go for it. Also, don’t allow a bad day to turn into two.
  • Online tool or resource: Buffer
  • Book recommendation: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy





  • “I think they were MY core values, and he just signed off on them.”
  • “Dude, we gotta make some money!”
  • “We signed over $200k worth of business during Bootcamp. It was phenomenal growth for us.”
  • “Missed deadlines and not happy clients.”
  • “Contracts keep friendships.”
  • “Maybe you should do it more outrageously.”



  •   Are your partnership contracts in order? Even if you’re working with a reliable friend, take time to consider contracts in your business relationships.
  •   Do you have a mentor? If not, take time to connect with someone knowledgeable  that could help you in your business and life.



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