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Episode 309

Get the Best Out of High-Performance Teams

Benjamin Lander

Benjamin Lander started his career working for Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Germany. He founded an event agency and led it to 100 employees in 5 Years, then handed over the agency to a Managing Director in 2018, who has been successfully running it since.

Coming out of the experience of building a company from scratch, he’s been helping others do what he finds most difficult. Today, Benjamin and a small team of consultants help agency owners around the world build high-performing teams, implement efficient processes and utilize state-of-the-art technology for efficient strategy execution.

Episode highlights from Benjamin Lander episode

  • What it’s like to have a high-performing team
  • What it means when things are falling through the cracks
  • On getting ghosted
  • When you should let someone go
  • How to ease a transition when letting someone go

Lightning Round with Benjamin Lander

  • Best advice: Wealth is created by focus and maintained by distributing your focus
  • Habit that contributes to success: Planning of the week and of each day
  • Recommended tool: Loom
  • Recommended books: Andrew Grove’s High Output Management

Resources, plus connect with Benjamin Lander

Quotes from Benjamin Lander Episode

  • “There is no one solution to these complex problems.”
  • “It’s a complex thing to build a well-run agency.”
  • “There are no black holes in your team…blind trust.”
  • “I feel really confident in this – I’m gonna go out and sell more!”
  • “You’re not going to want to sell into pain.”
  • “It’s either you or them… you have to make these decisions quickly.”
  • “With every change I make, how will it affect my team?”

Takeaways from Benjamin Lander episode

  • A high-performing team will propel your business to the next level, where things become challenging again
  • MECE exercises are a very helpful tool
  • Process first, tools second

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Benjamin Lander



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