[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 308

The Key to Great Content in the Wild West of AI

Jeff Couret

Jeff Couret – is the founder and president of SEOak, which helps digital agencies deliver SEO results to their clients, effortlessly and profitably.

He is also an amazing UGURUS mentor and previous guest on this show.

Episode highlights from Jeff Couret episode

  • What happened with TikTok
  • What the conversation is right now in SEO, including mistakes people are making
  • How a writer is different from asking ChatGPT to write an article
  • What a DJ’s mash up has to do with writing better content
  • What needs to happen with link building

Lightning Round with Jeff Couret

  • Best advice: Wealth is created by focus and maintained by distributing your focus
  • Habit that contributes to success: Planning of the week and of each day
  • Recommended tool: Loom
  • Recommended books: Andrew Grove’s High Output Management

Resources, plus connect with Jeff Couret

Quotes from Jeff Couret Episode

  • “What people are getting wrong is the unique perspective.”
  • “When I tried to turn it into a sale, it was like pulling teeth.”
  • “You’ve gotta follow the trends as an agency owner.”
  • “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
  • “There’s still that white hat, black hat, gray hat kind of stuff.”
  • “Some of the best links don’t cost any money.”

Takeaways from Jeff Couret episode

  • How can you keep someone on a page as long as possible? It’s all about attention 
  • Find your unique perspectives to write better content

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