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Episode 324

Can Agencies Really “Crush It” On LinkedIn?

Tudor Dumitrescu

Tudor Dumitrescu built a direct response agency with a team of 18-people and is currently building a second agency helping digital agency owners walk the same path he did and scale to 7 figures. 

They focus on helping businesses attract top-tier clients from LinkedIn.

Episode highlights from Tudor Dumitrescu

  • What the hardest part of growing has been
  • What helped Tudor with the challenge of being an introverted leader
  • What the four components of Tudor’s business model are and how they work
  • Can you really “crush it” on LinkedIn?
  • Why Businesses Fail on LinkedIn

Lightning Round with Tudor Dumitrescu

Resources, plus connect with Tudor Dumitrescu

Quotes from Tudor Dumitrescu Episode

  • “That was the hardest part for me because I’m an introvert.”
  • “It wasn’t the kind of business I wanted to take further.”
  • “The big difference…it doesn’t require as many specialties.”
  • “Is that transformation consistent so you can build proof?”
  • “I was basically the limiting factor.”
  • “We consistently keep up with people.”

Takeaways from Tudor Dumitrescu episode

  • A focused market and service offering can do wonders for your agency
  • Sometimes a price adjustment can make big changes
  • Don’t plan on immediate sales – keeping in touch and building up a relationship with potential clients improves closes

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Tudor Dumitrescu



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