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Episode 325

Turn ‘No’ into ‘Yes’: An Expert Guide to Tackling Sales Objections

Joe Marcoux

Joe Marcoux is someone who is a master of sales objections – the “Sales Sensei”. He has a two-step approach that will help you overcome all objections. He is the founder of the S.O.S. Dojo  (the Sales Objection System). Joe and his team of Black Belts help business owners and their teams become confident communicators by creating Buying Conversations.

Episode highlights from Joe Marcoux

  • How exercise equipment lead to a world of entrepreneurship
  • What two things you need to make a purchase
  • What happens to intelligence when emotions go up
  • How to break down a simple objection
  • How to use notes in handling objections
  • How to handle your energy and where to show up for sales meetings
  • What are the two steps to handling sales objections?

Lightning Round with Joe Marcoux

Resources, plus connect with Joe Marcoux

Quotes from Joe Marcoux Episode

  • “In reality we need to know how to handle the objection.”
  • “I wanted to avoid the idea of being sold.”
  • “Highest positive energy will always win.”
  • “Most people pitch too soon.”
  • “After price, people get amnesia. That’s where you get objections.”
  • “Hey, I hope that objection shows up!”
  • “I’d rather have a no than a maybe.”

Takeaways from Joe Marcoux episode

  • Acknowledge, ask a question – and authenticate in your own words
  • What if you removed the “salesy” part of sales?
  • Find your level of assertiveness

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 Joe Marcoux



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