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Episode 314

Insights and Strategies for Success with Enterprise Clients

Chris Stegneris

Chris Stegneris with Very Big Things, also known as VBT–a leading digital products agency helping companies become impossible to ignore by digitally elevating their brand, experiences, and innovation. VBT designs and develops digital experiences for startups and enterprise clients by fusing cutting-edge technologies and techniques with an innovative approach to create amazing user experiences. They’re based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with over 70 employees in their offices across two countries.

Episode highlights from Chris Stegner episode

  • How Chris got started at VBT
  • Has it been continuous growth or lots of ups and downs?
  • How the stock market/tech crash hit VBT
  • Chris’s take on pivoting
  • What advice Chris has for working in corporate relationships

Lightning Round with Chris Stegner

  • Best advice: Slow down and take a breath
  • Habit that contributes to success: Insane focus on a topic for around 8 months to the point of expertise 
  • Recommended tool: Reddit
  • Recommended books: Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat and Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Resources, plus connect with Chris Stegner

Quotes from Chris Stegner Episode

  • “They imagine, I’m cutting you a million dollar check so the world will just be perfection.”
  • “That’s just not how it works… you can’t just disappear into a room and come out months later and expect that it works.”
  • “It’s like we were trying to get from one side of the football field to the other side of the football field.”
  • “Just the idea of being in the red was terrifying.”
  • “Their expectations are pretty low.”
  • “Hold on harder!”
  • “If they’re pushing back, it’s usually for good reasons.”

Takeaways from Chris Stegner episode

  • It might look easy for some companies, but everyone faces tons of challenges
  • Macro changes and difficulties aside, agencies can still keep going and make it through to the other side
  • Make sure you’re doing exceptional work!

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Chris Stegner



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