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Episode 315

Mastering Better Deals and Team Synergy for Success

Brian Dordevic

Brian Dordevic is the CEO and founder of Alpha Efficiency, a 7-figure webdesign firm.

They have over 500 websites made and counting with a team of 30+ around the world. He offers fresh insights on marketing and design at conversioninsider.com. He just moved to the U.S. within the last 10 years.

He’s been crushing it in our UACADEMY Pro program and has just made the jump to the Elite-level program.

Episode highlights from Brian Dordevic episode

  • Where Alpha Efficiency came from
  • What kind of vibes you need to bring to selling
  • What major things help Brian close more deals
  • A big lesson for how to hire
  • What to consider if someone is working at your agency longer than a few years
  • How Brian is attracting clients right now

Lightning Round with Brian Dordevic

Resources, plus connect with Brian Dordevic

Quotes from Brian Dordevic Episode

  • “We kept a similar cost structure while our income doubled.”
  • “People see things. People see vibes. You can’t hide.”
  • “Why would you do business with someone that has fear in them?”
  • “The worst things for me is to break even.”
  • “You need to be prepared for turnover.”

Takeaways from Brian Dordevic episode

  • Nurture your culture and it will become stronger
  • After a few years, really consider if an employee is still a good fit

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Brian Dordevic



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