[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 313

Strategies to Build a Thriving Social Community

Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze – Ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing, Social Media, and Retail Thought Leader by Thinkers360 in 2023 with over 130,000 followers across his social media platforms, Vladimer is a world-renowned digital transformation and social media influencer and keynote speaker who initiates change, drives growth, and positions brands as market leaders in their industries.

Interested in leveraging personal branding? This is the episode for you!

Episode highlights from Vladimer Botsvadze episode

  • What Vladimer went through to grow to where he is today
  • What’s the difference between followers and community?
  • What Harley and Nike are getting right
  • Why Grant Cardone follows Vladimer
  • How to get started
  • How to think about converting influence into money

Lightning Round with Vladimer Botsvadze

  • Best advice: Follow smarter people and be openminded
  • Habit that contributes to success: Lifelong learning
  • Recommended tool: Twitter – aka X
  • Recommended books: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Resources, plus connect with Vladimer Botsvadze

Quotes from Vladimer Botsvadze Episode

  • “We need to be open minded in our business.”
  • “I’m very audience-centric.”
  • “I’ve always been inspired by people in high places.”
  • “Elon is trusted because he won our hearts.”
  • “It’s a necessity nowadays.”
  • “Of course I wanted to bring home the bacon.”

Takeaways from Vladimer Botsvadze episode

  • Transparency, trust, and communication: that’s the key to building a strong community
  • Offer great content for free to your audience
  • Building an emotional connection with your audience creates a stronger connection

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Vladimer Botsvadze



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