[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Episode 304

Create Efficient Systems to Save Time and Grow Your Team and Agency

With Kaci Ackerman

Kaci Ackerman went from dental office manager to being furloughed due to Covid to running a six-figure business in less than two years. Kaci is a Certified Business Manager and ClickUp expert. Kaci has helped over 1000 business owners streamline their businesses with ClickUp. She saves CEOs 10 hours a week and increases their profit by 25% with a robust and automated ClickUp system. Some fun facts: queen of typos & truth bombs, allergic to alcohol, Netflix binger, sports fan, bike rider, Friends obsessed (she’s 100% Monica!).

Episode highlights from Kaci Ackerman’s episode

  • What is it about business processes that is so exciting?
  • How you can go from checking off lists to making the process automated
  • How to know when you need to start hiring for help with systems
  • What Kaci does when she walks into a hot mess of a systems setup
  • What kinds of pushback Kaci sees when starting with a new agency
  • What are a few quick wins to save you time
  • How do you get a team to adopt this stuff?

Lightning Round with Kaci Ackerman

Resources, plus connect with Kaci Ackerman

Quotes from Kaci Ackerman’s episode

  • “It’s taken care of. Sitting there waiting for you.”
  • “Literally, an eight-year-old could do that.”
  • “There’s the automation side of it where you don’t have to build a list anymore.”
  • “If you’re that busy, you should not be doing it yourself.”
  • “I’m sure you’ve seen some hot messes!”
  • “Somebody else can come in and take it from there…the owner doesn’t need to be doing that.”
  • “Building out these systems empowers your team.”

Takeaways from Kaci Ackerman’s episode

  • Are you still doing bookkeeping? Maybe it’s time to outsource
  • Always have a buffer day “to clean up the mess”
  • Don’t give tasks on Slack

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