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Episode 305

How to Let Go and Master the Sabbatical Method

With Alyson Caffrey

Alyson Caffrey is an operations strategist and the founder of an operations agency. A digital agency shows veteran, this is her third chat with Brent on using operations to grow and scale your digital agency.

She is the author of the Sabbatical Method: How to Leverage Rest & Grow Your Business. She focuses on helping her clients build scalability AND sustainability through ops.

She is a mom to two little boys under three and loves chatting about growing businesses and growing families.

Episode highlights from Alyson Caffrey’s episode

  • What was the inspiration for The Sabbatical Method?
  • What about the middle ground on taking sabbaticals?
  • How our background/youth influences our outlook on taking time off
  • How to think about rest and getting outside of the hustle
  • Three parts to thinking about how to position yourself for time away 
  • How *guilt* fits into letting things go

Lightning Round with Alyson Caffrey

Resources, plus connect with Alyson Caffrey

Quotes from Alyson Caffrey’s episode

  • “Make sure you feel refreshed so you can make those decisions.”
  • “We want to create an asset that can function independently of us.”
  • “I probably should have had more things in place here!”
  • “It feels like an American problem.”
  • “Strategically taking rest.”
  • “The areas are gray, but we need to be able to test those boundaries.”
  • “Focusing on the day-to-day is so important.”

Takeaways from Alyson Caffrey’s episode

  • It doesn’t have to be one or the other: find your space in between taking a 6-month refresher every year or an extreme medical condition that pushes time off
  • Show results for a specific task and have your team take it, then find what you can get off your plate

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Alyson Caffrey



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