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E106: Hiring top-notch talent during exponential growth with Chris Martinez

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Chris Martinez is the CEO of Dude Agency, where he gives digital agencies the people and processes to help them scale profitably. Dude Agency operations are in Tijuana, Mexico and have gone from 5 to over 30 staff in just a year. They’re helping digital agencies and also changing the way the world perceives Mexico.

Episode highlights:

  • Find out what the name “Dude” has in common with Google and Yahoo.
  • Learn how underdog roots have lead Chris to a wildly successful business.
  • Learn how Chris took Dude from a staff of five to over 30, and where he struggled.
  • Learn what it means to hire for soft skills vs. hard skills.
  • Learn what perks draw Dude’s great talent, and hear a detailed outline of the interview process.
  • Run time: 36:06
  • Best advice ever received: Do whatever it takes



  • “The hidden gem of outsourcing.”
  • “I don’t even speak Spanish that well.”
  • “I’ve always rooted for the underdog.”
  • “I do have this bigger mission of changing the world with our work.”
  • “It just kind of blew up.”
  • “You are essentially looking for reasons not to hire a person.”



  • What kinds of questions do you ask in interviews? Do you try to get an idea of the skills the person has, or who they could be within a team? 
  • How extensive is your hiring process? Do multiple rounds of questions and testing ensure they really want the job?




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