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E154: Monetize your agency’s knowledge with Jason Van Orden

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Jason helps thought leaders to reach a larger audience with their ideas, create new income streams from their expertise, and build business models that align with their values and goals. His experience includes creating multiple successful brands, launching over 60 online courses, teaching more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, generating seven figures in online course sales, and 8 million downloads of his podcast. 

Episode highlights:

  • Why Jason became an entrepreneur, and how he ended up where he is today.
  • How Jason helps people sell what they already know.
  • Can people have success who haven’t had digital offerings before? Jason weighs in.
  • What kind of list you need to get started.
  • Best advice: Empathy is everything.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Making sure I still get sleep.
  • Recommended tools: Lastpass



  • “Hitting that snooze alarm too many days in a row in the morning.”
  • “They’re not necessarily getting paid for their knowledge.”
  • “I think this is something that just gets overlooked.”
  • “I really found I kinda had two businesses.”
  • “You might need to shift that messaging.”
  • “Empathy is everything.”




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