E197: Creating a google analytics competitor with Iris Shoor

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Iris Shoor is the founder and CEO of Oribia competitor to Google Analytics. It’s an AI-based analytics tool that is dedicated to making analytics easy. She’s had two successful startups and this is her third company.

Episode highlights:

  • What got Iris into entrepreneurship – something that’s quite a different pace than her education in architecture.
  • Can you be shy and successful in entrepreneurship? Iris weighs in.
  • What makes Oribi different.
  • How Iris narrowed her focus to creating something like Oribi.
  • How Oribi manages the collection of massive amounts of data.
  • The differences between two different users: businesses and agencies.
  • How Oribi is navigating “Privacy 2.0”.
  • Best advice: Always think in both large-scale and small-scale.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Spiritual work.
  • Recommended book: Fantasy books – His Dark Materials by Philip Pulman
  • Run time: 37:38



  • “The pace of entrepreneurship is something that I really like.”
  • “We tried to take a different paradigm.”
  • “Most people use, but nobody really likes.”
  • “That looks like job security.”
  • “They can’t just build a great relationship with them – they have to get results.”
  • “It’s more about understanding the high-level.”


  • Sometimes investments don’t come in the form of upfront costs but rather in developer time.
  • Shyness can sometimes be advantageous for entrepreneurs.