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E235: Crypto, NFTs, Web3, and why you need to get involved—with Daniel DiPiazza

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Daniel DiPiazza is a martial artist, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur with success in the media, marketing, and ecommerce industries.

Lately, he’s been getting into web3.0, crypto, psychology, history, science, jiu-jitsu, and psychedelics.

This episode is not intended for investment advice – please seek a professional.

Episode highlights:

  • There are still people watching DVDs, and millions are still on dial-up. Here’s how Daniel has capitalized on that.
  • On getting away from your persona in your business.
  • Where crypto fits into the market vs the dollar.
  • Why Altcoins are a good thing to consider (after classic Bitcoin).
  • Why getting into Web3 is the right move, and what that means.
  • The difference between Web 1, 2, and 3.
  • Why these industry changes are crucial to understand for digital agencies.
  • Why tokens are the new website.
  • Mining: is it too late to get in on it?
  • How Daniel will 5x his money when profits go up.
  • Best advice: Going into 30’s – there’s still a chance for folly, but there’s also an opportunity for impact as your window for youth closes.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Discipline
  • Recommended tool: The Brave Browser
  • Recommended book: Principles for Dealing with a Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
  • Run time: 59:39



  • “You never know which one of your ideas is going to be the one.”
  • “We want and need more reliable currency.”
  • “I am a fan and a believer in the market. I don’t know which ones are going to be the hot ones.”
  • “It’s the best performing asset in the history of mankind.”
  • “It’s read plus write.”
  • “You don’t own those followers, you don’t even own that account.”
  • “You’re not who you say you are!”
  • “I got to see how far they pushed the profit motive.”
  • “In order for you to have extraordinary success, you have to bet against the commonly held belief.”
  • “The only way for me to learn about it was to have some skin in the game.”


  • Want to get involved with something new? Set an intention and get into it.
  • Tokens are the new website.
  • Start by looking at specific projects, and get a few wins at it for free to get going.

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