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E239: Combining Marketing with Design & Marketing with Heart – With Cathy Olson

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Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 22 years, working with multi-billion dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy, and Disney. She is the co-founder of the wildly popular brand Funnel Gorgeous®, alongside Julie Stoian. Together they teach (and equip) Creative Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers. They offer a Master Marketer Certification called FG Society that focuses on Offer Strategy, Compelling Copywriting, and Gorgeous Design – creating triple-threat marketers.

As Cathy’s love for gorgeous funnels grew, so did her dreams for a better way to make them. In the Fall of 2020, she and Julie founded the first and only Female-Run funnel builder software, FG Funnels. Her heart’s mission: to breathe new life, integrity, and beauty into the world of marketing, one gorgeous funnel at a time.

Episode highlights:

  • Are you embracing your branding?
  • What are the analytics telling you about your design?
  • The value of design
  • Combining design and strategy
  • How to establish yourself as a designer & strategist
  • Working better together vs. working in silos
  • Having a heart-based approach to marketing
  • Best advice: Pay attention to what people say about you and really believe them instead of throwing your own biases on. Accept compliments and believe them.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Looking for gaps.
  • Recommended tool: FG Funnels, Brain.fm
  • Recommended book: 24 Assets & Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley
  • Run time: 36:41



  • “Adding a design and adding colors is not what you need. It’s the visual communication part.”
  • “Good design is a design that sells.”
  • “Design is subjective, but it is also the design that sells.”
  • “There are these right brain people who are all about art, design, color, fonts, and type. And then there are these people who are the sales and marketing people and they’re all about messaging, copy, and buyer psychology, but no one goes in between the two of them.”
  • “Designers need to start learning about sales, marketing, communication, and the buyer’s journey to become better.”
  • “I think as far as marketing with heart, it’s just this idea of being more human because I think there has been awakening from consumers and now they get it. They hear the tricks, they’ve seen the tricks, they’re used to the Facebook ads now, they’re used to the webinars. They’re just kind of desensitized to all of this marketing and so they’re looking for someone to just cut the crap and just tell the truth.”
  • “We just wanted to be honest and real and ourselves, and just be open with people.”
  • “There are so many cool things that come from being open and authentic, you attract amazing people, they give you all kinds of grace, and you don’t have to be perfect anymore.”


  • Combining design with marketing is what will sell.
  • Marketing with heart and being real & authentic with your customers is like a breath of fresh air for both of you.

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