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E42: How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Bottom Line with Austin Felton

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Show notes:

Austin Felton is the creator of Entrecloud, a WordPress cloud hosting company for influential entrepreneurs and digital agencies. Today we’ll discuss how hosting can help or hurt your business, and how much it can affect your bottom line. Austin also dives into how he built his successful company, including how he had a six figure software agency by the time he was 20.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • A problem Austin wanted to solved was the slow-down of launches from big campaigns, causing loss of money and ruined relationships with affiliates.
  • Many hosting problems existed for agency owners, and Entrecloud was created to solve the headaches.
  • Why work with WordPress specifically? “We could choose to do one thing really well or we could choose do everything in a mediocre way, and that’s not how we do things.”
  • Consistent traffic isn’t what you need scalability for. You need it for massive spikes from affiliates and big, random influxes.
  • Austin’s best advice: “Fire fast and hire slow.”
  • Austin’s best personal habit that contributes to success: daily meditation, hands down.



  • “The hosting industry was severely broken, and most entrepreneurs didn’t know how it was negatively affecting their bottom line.”
  • ”When something’s not working, that’s the genesis of your problem solving ability.”
  • “Delegation: you need to find people who are experts at things… and empower them to do what they do best.”
  • “I wanted to create a recurring revenue stream and create a business that was super scale-able.”
  • “Speed has a huge effect on Google’s ranking algorithm.”



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