[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

E59: Finding Your Peloton – Q2 2018 Company Memo – with Brent Weaver

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Show Notes:

From Brent Weaver, UGURUS Chief Guru:

“One of the habits I have implemented over the last four years is to deliver a Core Values Speech to my team every 90 days. This memo gives me an opportunity to reflect on successes, challenges, and values that are important to UGURUS. As we continue to expand and build upon the success for our global UACADEMY Community, we believe that our team shares our Core Values and is an important stakeholder in the vision of our business.

“Starting with this quarter, we plan to share these memos with our community and those interested in joining. Our Core Values are things that we can’t teach in a class. They are core to who you are and why you are a part of our Community. We believe sharing this memo will help us make sure we attract and retain the right people for our Community.

“Please enjoy reading or listening to this memo, and may you find the inspiration to lead your team down a successful path.”



  • “We were better together on so many levels.”
  • “How can we help you to cut through the headwinds?”
  • “It’s at the essence of a growth mindset.”


  • What are your business’ core values? How do you share them with your team? Write a memo that reinforces why the values are important to your business.



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