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Episode 311

Navigating Market Depth and a SaaS Platform Transition

Farhad Khan

Farhad Khan is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He builds membership websites for associations and has built some of the largest membership websites in Canada. He came up with the 5 Step Member Journey Model™ which is used by many associations through his workshops. He also has a SaaS platform that he’s developed in this niche. 

He’s a graduate of the UGURUS Pro program.

Episode highlights with Farhad Khan’s

  • What does Farhad’s agency look like today? 
  • How has it changed since before UGURUS?
  • What happens when agencies start to get tired of creating the same thing after niching (it’s not what you’d expect!)
  • What exists in the “deep end” 
  • What happened after Farhad’s team put on dozens of webinars
  • Where Farhad is at on transitioning to SaaS

Lightning Round with Farhad Khan’s

Resources, plus connect with Farhad Khan

Quotes from Farhad Khan episode

  • “Repurpose your marketing, repurpose everything.”
  • “We realized we were building the same thing over and over again.”
  • “Brent, if you didn’t push us, we would have never niched.”
  • “We didn’t just niche, we niched within a niche.”
  • “The only way you’d know about that stuff is if you’re real deep into the deep end.”
  • “Unless you go deep  into a niche, it’s difficult to know what the problems are.”
  • “Every webinar we did, we learned something new.”

Takeaways from Farhad Khan episode

  • Going deeper opens up more opportunities within a market, creating a much larger market than you’ve probably imagined

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Farhad Khan



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