[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 327

From Hockey to Coaching Incredible Mindsets

Gavin McHale

Gavin McHale is a success coach at the Early To Rise team. As a former hockey player, he followed all the rules. When he started personal training, he had big aspirations, just like his hockey career. As he tried to build his business, he realized that he was the one holding himself back from success. Through mindset work, Gavin was able to build a more sustainable and higher-paying business and start to see that success come to fruition.

Some people call him “The Mindset Guy”.

Episode highlights from Gavin McHale

  • How Gavin went from hockey (nearly pro) to the work he does now—care of a literal punch in the face
  • Are you a high performer? What “Radical Responsibility” is all about
  • How an objective view can change results and improve your situation
  • Is accountability a present-tense thing? What do you do with it?
  • What happens when you use “unconditional positive regard”
  • Does the grass look greener? How Gavin looks at those moments when you want to do what someone else is doing

Lightning Round with Gavin McHale

Resources, plus connect with Gavin McHale

Quotes from Gavin McHale Episode

  • “That changes the whole perspective we’re coming from.”
  • “How do you manage that uncertainty? Cause it’s pretty much guaranteed.”
  • “We get stuck in this subjective swirl of emotion.”
  • “I want you to win and you want you to win.”
  • “People are judging themselves enough, you don’t need to judge them too.”
  • “Unconditional positive regard.”
  • “We learn so much more when we make mistakes.”

Takeaways from Gavin McHale episode

  • High performer? Taking responsibility turns your view objective
  • Hold yourself to a higher standard rather than just getting after the hustle and grind
  • In mentorship/coaching team members, use curiosity rather than judgement

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Gavin McHale



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