[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 292

Hitting a 90% Close Rate With Strategy and Focus

With Aaron Carpenter

Aaron Carpenter is the founder of Legendary Lion Creative Agency and Mental Health Marketing. In 2011 Aaron founded Legendary Lion Creative Agency to help small businesses grow and succeed. Since then he has worked with hundreds of mental health clinicians and group practices worldwide to help them grow their practice with his trademarked “Private Practice Growth System”. In 2021, Aaron joined the awesome mentor team at UGURUS to provide support for growing agencies worldwide.

Episode highlights with Aaron Carpenter

  • How to start with your client’s problem
  • How Aaron breaks up and classifies the practices he works with
  • What’s going on with his podcast tour (cue celebratory audience track!)
  • Can you do this with any market?
  • How mental health business owners are similar to digital agency owners
  • What about customer interviews? And Aaron’s favorite questions to ask
  • Why Aaron’s lead magnet is so successful

Lightning Round with Aaron Carpenter

Connect with Aaron Carpenter, plus resources

Quotes from Aaron Carpenter’s episode

  • “Running a practice is running a business.”
  • “If I made something really great, it would start to move itself.”
  • They become Stage 2 and they need a website redesign. Who are they gonna call?”
  • “They just didn’t have the support on the business side.”
  • “I’m not guessing, I’m just asking.”

Takeaways from Aaron Carpenter’s episode

  • Ask clients: If you could go back to starting out, what advice would you give yourself?
  • Look at your market and identify its problems. That’s how you can replicate what Aaron’s built.
  • Be interested in what business owners are doing!

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Aaron Carpenter



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